Jason has worked both locally and nationally as a Structural Engineer since 2006. He is a graduate in Civil Engineering and an Incorporated Engineer. A former company director at Adam Power Associates, he has worked single-handedly on approximately 1000-1500 projects to date, he is widely experienced in the design of structures in all materials to both British Standards and Eurocodes. He also undertakes offshore work using DNV and Lloyds (CLAME) design codes. Particular expertise in the design of barn conversions, historic property renovations and steelwork structures to theatres and water treatment plants. He has a keen interest in historic buildings and is an active participant in EARTHA, developing the use of clay lump as a construction material.

In 2021 Jason designed a winch frame mechanism that was installed on the Agulhas II research vessel. This was used to launch the remote operated vehicle (ROV) that made the discovery of the ‘Endurance’ shipwreck (link), the lost vessel of Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton.

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